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Youtube Affects to Young Generation
What is Youtube? Youtube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. We can even create and upload our own videos to share with others. Originally created in 2005, YouTube is now one of the most popular sites on the Web, with visitors watching around 6 billion hours of video every month. 
YouTube gives a good affects to young generation. Why?
Nowadays, many young generation create a YouTube channel to express their creativity. As you can see many young generation make various contents, such as Vlog, Makeup Tutorial, Prank Videos, Songs Cover, Food Reviews, and many others. They express their creativity, their imagination, their ideas in a way creating various contents. 
Everyone can make a YouTube channel, everyone can post their videos, everyone can produce a masterwork in their on way in this app. In YouTube you can explore so many things, you can hone your creativity to make a good contents. 
Besides to express crea…

analyzing invitation letter

The invitation letter is a formal invitation letter because the language style is formal, and there are logo, signature, greetings.
Purpose : to invite mr.Vagela to visit US to join IVLP

Greeting : Dear Mrr, Vaghela

Contain :IVLP for a three week program entitled "The U.S. Political Process and Foreign Policy for Young Leaders". This program will present representatives from the public and private sectors and. In this program you will hear from the executive and legislative branches about decision-making dynamics. And you will observe how foreign policy proposals are formulated.

Date : July 26 to August 16

Time : no time

Place : United States

Siganature : Walter Douglas, Minister Counselor for Public Affairs


PEMERINTAH KOTA KAVINSKY PEEDAH KAVINSKEEH DEPARTMENT STORE Jl. toitoitoi, ciyo cimel district, Phone (00)123456789, Fax (00)987654321 17th December 2020 Ms. Naura Thufaila The Best Butcher District Gordon
Dear, Ms. Naura
 I am pleased to invite you to come to our new store grand opening in Cibadak. We open our 1000th store in Cibadak. And you were chosen to be our special guest in this event. You will occupy our vvvvip seat on the grand opening. There would be a lot of games and doorprizes. Refreshment also provided during the grand opening. 
You are requested attend the grand opening on Saturday, 20th January 2021 at 6.00pm. I hope you will accept this invitation and enjoy the event.  Please come on time or you'll miss the joy!  


Krispy Kreme       The Owner

Offer and Suggestion Observation


Offer and Suggestion Conversation

One day in a coffee shop..

Anais : "Naura! Oh my god it's been a long time since we graduated."
Naura : "Hey, Anais! We hacen't met each other again since our graduation."
Anais : "Are you free right now?"
Naura : "Yeah, i have nothing to do. Do you want to have some coffee with me?"
Anais : "Sure, c'mon. What coffee do you want?"
Naura : Can you grab me some cafe latte? thanks."
While they're dringking their coffee, they talked about major university.
Anais : "So, what's major university did you take?"
Naura : "Actually, i still confuse what major university i'll take. Honestly, i still considering between law and architecture"
Anais : "Hm.. as i remember your hobby is drawing isn't it? I think you should take architecture because it's your passion, right?"
Naura : "Okay, thank you for your advice, i'll think about it. What about you, what major univeristy did…

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Elements of the Announcement Found/Not Found Details Opening Found "HELLO GEORGETOWN" Contents Found Information of the event including date, time, place. and also the location of a new store Closing