Indonesia's real hero.

Who doesn't know about indomie?

I bet all indonesian people love indomie.
From Sabang to Merauke, most Indonesians would choose Indomie as their favorite instant noodle product. Well, the noodles produced by Indofood Fritolay Makmur does have a taste that is really good.However, the creation of a certain flavor can not be separated from the role of research and development division. Indomie flavor that shake the tongue of most people of Indonesia must also have developed, and who is she? Apparently this preferred Indomie flavored developer is Ibu Nunuk Nuraini.The woman who served as a new taste of instant noodle products is a graduate of Padjadjaran University of Bandung. She is a graduate majoring in food technology and has a passion for cooking. Because of her hobby, Nunuk Nuraini finally able to create a variety of delicious favors in instant noodle products that have also been exported to various parts of the world.

"The seasoning must be processed with the oil, onion, garlic, chilli, and sometimes coconut milk in accordance with the taste to be achieved.Initially make small scale first, then made large-scale production," said the woman who also developed a taste for other instant noodle products this.
Nunuk Nuraini almost unknown to the public because she is rarely appear in public. But she had appeared in the launch of new products instant noodle on March 30, 2017 ago. Regardless of his cold hands developing the typical local instant noodle flavor, Nunuk looks simple-looking.Nunuk Nuraini also concentrates on developing new flavors for instant noodle products. In short, Nunuk only concentrate on making noodle spice instead of noodle selection or preservation of the material because there is already a separate division to deal with it.

So, we have to be grateful because of her, we can eat indomieeee


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