Hi Folks! I want to show you an example of an introduction conversation.

  After school, I go home by public transportation. On the way, i'm listening to music. Suddenly, a girl ask me

The Girl : What's your favorite singer?
Me : Huh? Hm.. actually I don't have a favorite singer, what about you?
The Girl : I like ed sheeran so much
Me : By the way, what is your name?
The Girl : Oh hi, I'm sorry I'm not introducing myself first. My name is Merlia and you can call me Lia
Me : Hi, my name is Bella, nice to meet you Lia
Merlia : Nice to meet you too, Bella. Oh ya, where is your school?
Bella : I am a student of 3 Senior High School
Merlia : Really? I am a student of 3 Senior High School too! I am in 10 grade
Bella : Me too! I'm in 10 MIPA 2, how about you?
Merlia : I'm in X MIPA 3
Bella : Great, we can hangout together
Merlia : Sounds good, by the way what're your hobbies?
Bella : My hobbies are watching, drawing, and playing instrument, what about you?
Merlia : My hobbies are painting, cooking, and swimming
Bella :  Do you have favorite food?
Merlia : Of course i have, i really like pasta and steak
Bella : I like sushi very much
Merlia : Ew, i don't like sushi
Bella : Really? It's really good! You should try some
Merlia : Not interested. Hahaha
Bella : I should stop here
Merlia : Okay, it's nice to know you, Bella
Bella : Ya, it's nice to know you too. See you tommorow at school, Lia!
Merlia : See you tommorow!

That's it. Hopefully this will be useful for you, bye bye!


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