Me, Myself, and I

Hello! My name is Naura and usually people call me Naya. I was born in Bandung, 17 December 2001. I have two younger sisters, and many people told us that we're really look like each other. I live in Bandung. I'm a student of  3 Senior High School Bandung. By the way, i'm 15 years old. My hobby is watching, I like action movies, comedy movies, etc. I like horror movies but during the film  almost every time I closed my eyes and screamed. My favorite food is... actually I dont have favorite food because I like all the food. I like fruit, I like vegetables, I like meat, and of course junk food. My favorite colour is black. Because for me, black is a elegant colour. 

I like to hangout with my friends. We're usually go to the mall and watching film in cinema. By the way, if you dont know me so well you will not know how much embarassing and crazy I am. When i'm with stranger, I less talk and laughing. Many people told me that my face is not friendly. And I admit it because I rarely smiling and laughing when i'm in the new area. But if you know me so well i'm not as you think. From now i will more smiling and more friendly.

I really love my family. Because my family always cheer me up when i'm not in the good mood. my family always encourage me. My family always help me when i have a problem. I'm really grateful to have a family like them. Oh ya, I like sports. Like, basketball, running, swimming. I used to running 1 times a week, but now i have so many activities to do, and sometimes i'm so lazy to running. 

I want to be an architect because my father is an architect too. Architecture is so interisting, i like to designed a building. But i'm not really good in drawing. I think that's all about me, hopefully my blog will be interisting for you and you can get many benefits from me. Thank you.


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