Unforgettable Moment

Hi Folks!

In this entry, I want to share my unforgettable moment.So, one day, I went to upnormal with my friends. And one of my friends borrowed my powerbank. After we eating and talking and laughing, I went home by grabcar. Carelessness that I did was, I didn't put my powerbank to my bag. So I put it on the seat. On the way, I just played my phone and didn't realize that my powerbank is still on the seat. When I arrived at home, I just took my fan, and didn't realize that my powerbank is still on the seat. And then I do re-check but the colour of the powerbank is same with the-part-of-seatbelt so I think it's not my powerbank and just left the car. In the next day I tried to find my powerbank at school. I think I left it on my bedroom, but I remembered that I forgot to took the powerbank when I left from grab. So I got panic attack, because if my dad know this, I would be in dangerous situation. When school is over, I went home by grabcar again. This time I ask the driver how to get our stuff back if we left it. And then the driver told me what should I do, and he gave me a number that I could contact it. And when I arrived at home, i called the number but it's not connected several times. I kept try and try and try... until finally I'm successful to called the number. And then I told them my problem and they tried to help me and gave me some solutions. After that, the driver who took me yesterday contact me and he said he found my powerbank, omg I'm sooOoOoO HaAappPyyY to hear that. And he said he would deliver it at night, I felt so free of worry hahahaha. The driver came to my house and gave me the powerbank, when I want to give him some money to express my gratitude, he refused the money, I forced him to take the money but he dont want to take it, so i said thankyou and he went home. I'm so grateful at that time.

So that was my unforgettable momment, what's yours?


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