What Will We Do Next Holiday?

On December, where snows fall from the sky...

Sharon : Hi, C!
Carlos : Hi, Sharon! Omg.. It's really cold
Sharon : It's soo truuee, how about making hot chocolate and talking what will we do this holiday
Carlos : Sounds Good!

Sharon : Here is your hot chocolate
Carlos : Ayy thanks sist your the best!
Sharon : So what's your plan for this holiday
Carlos : I don't have any idea, i feel like all i wanna do is just sleep
              Where will you go then?
Sharon : I think i'll go ski
Carlos : Are you serious?! I'd better cuddle with my lovely bolster
Sharon : Of course cause you're a super-duper-lazy-man, bro.
Carlos : Why would you go and play ski?
Sharon : It's been a long time since we graduated we haven't play ski again. I miss the smell of snow hahaha
Carlos : Btw, with whom will you go?
Sharon : I want to invite you, mom, and dad to go ski with me hehehhehe
Carlos : Hmm.. I think it will be a great holiday. We need a quality time after we're all busy with our own stuff
Sharon : Yes!!!! We can build a snowman, laying ourbody on the snow, take a photos together. Omg it's sounds really amazing, I CANT WAITTT!!!!
Carlos : Whoa, Whoa... Calm down sister, how will we go there?
Sharon : Dad will take us there, won't he?
Carlos : I dont think so, his car is on garage
Sharon : Oh, so we will go there by public transportation
Carlos : Train???
Sharon : Of Course
Carlos : Okay, let's tell mom and dad about our plans
Sharon : How about after we skiing, we go to grandma house and sleep there for a couple night
Carlos : Totally agree. Hahahaha.                            


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