Hi, Folks! In this entry i want to discuss about festival seni, sastra, dan budaya 2017

GATHAPRAYA is an event organized by SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. We've been prepared this event for months. In this event, my job is a moneymaker. Moneymaker is really necessary for the event, because without us, the event will not happens. My jobdesc is to make money as much as we can. My team and I decided to selling food and merchandise SMA 3. We sold various food, like onigiri, roti goreng, siomay, risoles, nasi kepal, and many more. The others student like to buy our food. Besides selling food, we sold merchandise too, like sticker, bracelet, keychain, sweater, notebook, and tshirt.

Saturday, 30 September 2017.
It was the day! After all hardworks we did, it was happening. It was a big day for us. On 7 a.m all the comittee did the final meeting before the event started. Actually i had no job that day, but my division was told to handle the traditional dresses parade in Saparua. The pararade started at 9 a.m, and i checked who's not coming on my class. My class traditional dress is from Aceh. Before the parade begin, there are some performances, like traditional dances. And then, after the traditional dances done, we strated the parade. I had to control the parade, but accidentally my feet felt so hurt, i can't even move my feet so i didn't walk again but by car. After the parade done, i took some rest.

The place started to be crowded on 3p.m, i met many of my friends, and we talked, took some photos together. And then suddenly, my friends and i was told to help sponsorship to gave a t-cash and telkomsel card for SMAN 3 student. It was really tiring because we had to gave it to all SMAN 3. student. The peak of the event started on 8p.m, it was really fun! there was a perfomances from elephant kind, HIVI, and Nidji. It was really amazing, i had a lot of fun with my friends on that day! It was a stress reliev. We sang and danced together. The event closed with Nidji. The event finished on 11.30 p.m

Thankyou for all who came to gathapraya!

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